Substandard, Counterfeit & Adulterated Products.
•  To Establish, Promote and Enforce Consumer Protection Laws & Consumer Rights. To Enforce Food & Drug Laws and PSQCA Standards.
•  To promote Good Manufacturing Practice, Corporate Social Responsibility and ensure that consumers are provided a quality product at a reasonable price. 


Helpline Trust was established in 1994, when the Law and Order situation had deteriorated in Karachi. It was born out of the need for GOOD GOVERNANCE and the Trust took up the challenge. We realized that the only way to improve the quality of life of the citizens of Karachi was to demand and advocate GOOD GOVERNANCE through the rule of law, accountability and a code of conduct in government and society.

To accomplish this, we have initiated formal and informal actions to draw the attention of the government and the citizens to the corruption and mismanagement in government and the misuse and abuse of authority and public funds. We have chosen mobilization of public opinion, civil action lobbying and legal struggle as our tools for change and have aimed our efforts at persuading and influencing those in government, politics and society.


We have organized forums on Save Karachi, The Citizens' Charter. The Collapse of State and Society etc, and were encouraged by the healthy attendance in these forums. We have taken up issues of Accountability, An Independent Judiciary, Rule of Law, Code of Conduct, Consumer Protection and Patient's Rights Bill, Freedom of information, Police and Judicial Reforms etc, in our bid to achieve Good Governance for citizens.

We have organized programs for public participation, which include Education and Traffic Improvement Program, for a safer and better Karachi, Consumer Awareness, Consumer Protection Laws, Patients' Rights and Patients' Rights Act.

Another feature of our public participation program is STRAIGHT TALK, a discussion program on national and social issues, which will be a regular feature.

To convey our message, we have even launched our own newsletter The Citizen, which is distributed free of cost.