Against Gutka & Chalia


The use of Sweet Supari, pan masala, gutka and manpuri causes stiffness in the muscles & tissues of the mouth and are the first symptoms of mouth cancer, which has no remedy and has horrifying consequences.


The recent innovation of packing these suparis in fancy sachets, with colorful designs, has made it a household item and sweetening it with poisonous sweeteners, has griped the young and old alike. Sweet supari is available in every nook & corner of the country, especially on vendor's stalls near schools.


A recent survey and chemical analysis by the University of Karachi of different brands of sweet supari, including some leading brands, has shown that most of these suparis carry fungus and some even had traces of addictives, including heroin.


We have an interview on VDO Cassette of a 12 year old student suffering from symptoms of mouth cancer, who has stated that he had become addictive to a certain brand and could not sleep in the night without this sweet supari in his mouth.


This addiction has caused an alarming rate of increase of mouth and stomach cancer, especially in the young. This SWEET POISON has upgraded mouth cancer to second position in Pakistan, while lung cancer in males & breast cancer in females is in No1.


We appeal to all mothers and teachers to realize the dangers of this SWEET POISON and take up the fight against this menace and voice their concern against the indiscrete publicity in the print and electronic media of this sugar coated poison and save our children from stomach and mouth cancer.