Education Improvement Program

Aiming for a better educated Pakistan

Aims and Objectives

In spite of financial constraints, we have launched our Education Improvement Program. The Program is a step towards improving the deplorable conditions of our state-run schools. This is a Self Help based program, run by the active participation of concerned citizens. The program includes improving the existing facilities in the schools i.e., repair of buildings, equipment for laboratories and computer labs and addition of classrooms and furniture. These facilities were provided to 30 government schools at a cost of RS. 2 million.
" Renovation of existing buildings
" Furniture for classrooms
" Equipment for laboratory and Computer Labs.
Proposed Phase-II
We intend to launch a more comprehensive education improvement program, which will aim to improve the quality of education in these schools. This program will include
Training of teachers in modern techniques of imparting education.
Introduction of computer training where feasible.
Efforts to increase parents' participation in school activities.
Introduction of special projects to improve learning capacity of students