Message of Mr. Pir Bakhsh Jamali, Director General, PSQCA

Government of Pakistan has assigned PSQCA with manifesto of protecting consumers' rights through quality culture.
The celebration of Consumers Day world wide on March 15 reminds all the nations of the world that consumers, the largest economic group, can no more be ignored in economic decisions.

Pakistan also joined the nations of the world in celebrating the event in a befitting manner. In fact, the very spirit of the eight basic consumer rights permeate all the policies and operations of the Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA), which is the government's operational and implementation arm in this regard.

The PSQCA Act, 1996 equips the Authority with the necessary powers to take all appropriate actions to ensure strict compliance with the standards it has evolved and adopted for products and processes. The Solitary aim is making consumers more empowered, so that their rights are effectively protected.

PSQCA is fully aware of its responsibility and it takes all necessary steps given in the Act in an effective manner.
Working under the Ministry of Science and Technology, PSQCA started its operation as a self-financing organization on December 1st 2000, The Authority has three-fold responsibilities: (a) formulation of Pakistan Standards, (b) promulgation of Standards, and (c) advising the Government on standardization policies, programmes and activities for promoting industrial efficiency and development as well as consumer protection.

The important task of developing and strengthening the Quality Infrastructure of Pakistan, PSQCA has been taking all steps for promoting and popularizing 'quality culture' in the country. Its commitment to quality and standards can be assessed from the fact that it adopted the statement of April 27, 1948 of the father of the nation Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah as its Vision.

The Quaid had said:
"I would like Pakistan to become a synonym and hallmark for standards and quality in the market-place of the world".
To provide knowledge and skills to consumers, who needed to make informed choices about goods and services, with a view to ensure protection of consumers' right to education, while being aware of basic consumer rights and responsibilities and how to act on them - PSQCA carries out promotional activities, such as seminars, workshops and seek the cooperation of the print and electronic media in this regard on a regular basis.

As a preventive measure, PSQCA endeavors to discourage unscrupulous elements from marketing and selling sub-standard products. It has been warning the concerned manufacturers and suppliers, and often premises have been sealed and culprits sent to court of law, after educating them to comply with the relevant quality standards.

At the same time, it has been raiding various shopping malls, markets and stores to carry out on-the-spot checking of various items at its mobile laboratory. These raids make selling of uncertified products difficult and force those manufacturers and suppliers to sell proper healthy items, who avoid registration and certification, to upgrade their products and get them registered with the Authority.

I assure that Government of Pakistan and PSQCA will adopt all measures to protect consumers' rights. In the end, our motto is "Consumer, Smile is our Satisfaction" is being religiously adhered to make provide quality products to consumers.