Message of Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani, Prime MInister of Pakistan.

PM-Gilani2I extend my felicitations to Helpline Trust for commemorating the World Consumer Rights Day by organizing a function on Consumer Protection in Pakistan.

The Government of Pakistan believes in perfect competition and fair play in the market. The failure of the market forces and lack of competition gives rise to the issues of consumer protection. The Government reiterates its commitment to support all positive initiatives that aim at protection of consumers’ right in this regard.

The corporate sector in advanced countries has come to recognize that its existence, growth and profitability depend largely on the consumers, who have immense stakes in the sector. The ever-increasing emphasis on corporate governance, corporate social responsibility and consumer rights are the outcome of this recognition.

In the highly competitive and global environment of today, Pakistan’s economic survival depends upon the quality of goods and services it produces and sells both at home and abroad, whether by a giant corporation or by a small enterprise. Towards this end, our corporate sector must meet international quality standards. They would succeed by achieving a very high degree of consumer satisfaction alone.

It is time that civil society asserted itself on such crucial matters as the protection of Consumers’ rights. There is a need for consumer activism and it is heartening to see that Helpline Trust is taking the initiative and striving to create the much needed momentum.

By bringing the government, the corporate sector and civil society together on one platform, to debate the issue and create awareness, it is making an important contribution.

I would like to suggest to Helpline Trust to study different measures adopted by various countries to protect the consumers, for application in Pakistan after necessary modification, if any, to align without peculiar market conditions.