Message of Mr. Asif Ali Zardari, President of Pakistan.

Asif-Ali-ZardariI am pleased to learn that Helpline Trust is organizing 6th Annual National Conference on “Putting the Consumer First” on the occasion of the World Consumer Rights Day to help in creating awareness among the masses about their rights and responsibilities as consumers.

Consumer protection is essential to enhance consumer confidence and affording them opportunity to choose from the available choices. It is also essential for strengthening the economy by prohibiting unethical business practices and forestalling exploitative practices.

Unfortunately, the Consumer protection has not received much attention in the past. As a result, the consumer, who in most cases is the ordinary citizen, suffered immensely due to poor product quality, profiteering, price fixing by cartels and monopolies.

The Government is conscious of the need for protecting consumers from exploitation and unethical business malpractices. In 2010, a legislation was enacted for the protection of the consumers. However, consumer protection cannot be ensured by the actions of the Government alone. It also requires the active involvement of the civil society, media, and the private sector to help in creating awareness against the exploitation of the consumers. The effective implementation of the laws is also critical for ensuring that consumers are not being exploited in one way or the other.

I am glad to know that the Helpline Trust is dedicated to this concept and has been making endeavors to raise the issue of consumer protection from its platform. I applaud its efforts to involve civil society and the corporate sector not only to create awareness but also to devise a joint strategy to meet the challenges of consumer protection. I hope that today’s event would serve the cause of protecting the consumers and would also increase the awareness of the corporate sector of its obligation to promote Corporate Social Responsibility and the need for implementing good business practices.

I wish the organizers and participants all success