Message of Dr. Ishrat Ul Ebad Khan, Governor of Sindh.

IbadConsumer in Pakistan has remained an unprotected community despite the manifold progress in the industrial, financial and commercial sectors.

Unlike the developed world and even many developing countries, our consumer has not been given the rights that are due. He continues to suffer for lack of protection against price hike, product quality, counterfeits, after sales service and many such areas, putting him at a serious disadvantage.

On this issue voices have off and on been raised but not much has been done. I believe that rights of consumers for the protection of the two prong approach is needed. The Government has to do its duty by promulgating and enforcing consumer protection laws, and the civil society has to forcefully project the consumers’ perspective and demand from providers of goods and services to meet their obligations in this regard.

I have no hesitation in acknowledging that the Helpline Trust has done a remarkable job over the past several years to keep the issue focus, create awareness and strive to bring justice to the consumer. This could be a model for other consumer organizations for playing an effective role for the benefit of the consumer.

I am happy to see that on the occasion of the World Consumer Rights Day, as every year in the past, the Helpline Trust is holding a function. I have no doubt that these efforts of the Helpline Trust will serve as beacon light for the civil society.
I pray for the success of the efforts of Helpline Trust